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So I have kind of taken a break from instagram and blogging lately because I hadn’t quite figured out how to write what I wanted to say properly. I still haven’t but I’m going to try.

You expect your wedding day to be the best day of your life. I mean, you’re marrying your best friend, your partner in crime, the one person who truly knows you inside and out (or at least you should be) But our wedding day and the days leading up to it were NOT the best. Future brides: Elope! People joke about it, but THEY ARE NOT JOKING.

And before I go any further I just want to clarify that I absolutely do not regret marrying Jake. He is my soulmate and the absolute perfect person for me. And I know that after making it through our wedding that we can make it through anything. We have had time now to look back and reflect on it all and we concluded that we didn’t communicate as well as we could have. Not only with each other but with our families as well. If we could go back and fix it we would but we only have the future, so heres to living and learning!

Wedding week was stressful to say the least. I had appointments and meetings with venders all day Monday -Thursday. Add family drama on both sides and things really get interesting. We also didn’t know who was going to be cooking the food for the wedding so that had us both panicking a little bit. (Ok A lot)  Thinking back now as I type this all out, maybe the fact that I was SO focused on organizing and making sure things would run smooth for the event, was actually my downfall. Because in doing that I forgot to make sure that WE were ok and things were running smoothly for US. As a result Jake ended up so stressed that he got an infection and I ended up crying a lot and hiding in my car at our rehearsal dinner and I SWORE that I would not cry. haha not really that funny but kind of funny because I’m pretty sure its like a 95% chance that all brides will cry at their rehearsal….not a real statistic? Well, pretend with me ok? 😉

ANYWAYS, there were some wonderful times hidden amongst all the drama. Friday morning my Mom ,MIL, and all my lovely bridesmaids met me at the venue to help make all of our bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower arrangements. They did such an incredible job, i’m so glad I didn’t hire a florist. It might sound silly but my favorite part was actually setting up all the place settings and table decor and making the flower arrangements that sat on the tables. It was sort of calming for me. Future brides: You will be asked ten million questions the day before and day of your wedding, literally ten million, be prepared. Don’t shut down and turn into a space cadet like I did. lol

All in all we may not have had the best time leading up to our “big day” or even the perfect wedding day but we had the PERFECT outcome. We are married!!! 🙂 Hallelujah! Big thank you to both our families and all our friends who did so much this past year. We love you all!

Here are some wedding week pics of the good, the bad, and everything in between.


Beading party! We all had matching bracelets and a necklace of your choice. Thanks Auntie Justine for throwing this for me at The Beads Galore 🙂


IMG_4770 IMG_4769IMG_4795

You take pictures on my phone they get put on the blog 😉


Meeting my new nephew Anderson Patrick!


Look at that perfect little face!


people told us not to wait till the day before to get our marriage license, so naturally thats just what we did, haha Jake said it was too sunny for pictures…


Too bad 😉 love you babe

And here is a little snap chat teaser because I think its so funny and I love them all so much xo

Thanks for reading!

With love,

Lindsay xo

2 thoughts on “Wedding week

  1. Im sorry to hear that things were stressful. On the bright side you’re now married to your best friend and have so many more memories to come. You looked so beautiful I want to see more pictures!
    So happy for you two, love you.

  2. Your wedding was beautiful, you both looked great,the music was the best I have ever heard at a wedding,the food was great the groomsmen were so hansome in there outfits an the girls were all dressed alike ,did you pick out the great color,an the cowboy boots made it so special. It was like a movie-dream watching you cross the bridge,we all had real tears of joy as you an the wedding party came around the pond.the babys walking an holding the sign,here comes the love of my life was precious. your dads did a great job,an the official too. the kiss an the dip.held to our family tradition. we all loved your vows. I kept saying to your mom lindsay,you should move the cake when the flash lightning started,she its ok mom. when everybody danced an it hailed, we all shouted ya ya what a blessing,in hawaii we only get a rain the last gathering we had a hail,lighting storm also. it is our new thing,passed relitives sending a happy hail storm to us all.when our family danced . It was wonderful,what a movie,I was so happy. May your journey together be full of supriesss an your childern dance in the rain.xx nana

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