Things I want to remember: Just us two


Our time as just Jake and Lindsay is coming to a close in just a few short months. As excited as I am to become family of three, I cant help but realize that everything is about to change. For the better of course, but nonetheless things will never be as they were when It was just us. So before our world completely changes, here are some things that I want to remember. Things that I love, things we are still (and will probably always be) working on, and things that I learned about marriage, love, and life with just us two:

  • Marriage can be freaking hard, but worth it. Always worth it. It can also be so easy and amazing. We have come such a long way and overcome obstacles that often times, destroy marriages. I think it all depends on your outlook. And boy have we had to readjust our out look on life, many many times.
  • Respect. From simple things like waiting to watch “our shows” together to checking in with each other before making any plans or commitments.
  • Being the best of friends. Always having each others backs, being their #1 fan and laughing together.
  • Forgiveness. For a long while there were things in our past that I just couldn’t shake. I couldn’t move past them and it just felt like we were going in circles. And so I learned its ultimately more painful to hold onto those things so tightly. Its a risk to forgive but its also the only way to be free.
  • Going on spur of the moment road trips. Disneyland, Fort brag, etc. I love being spontaneous with him.
  • Arguing productively. We have consistently worked on this and I love that instead of days, our arguments are over within minutes. Im really proud of us on this one.
  • Dancing and singing in the car 🙂
  • Its ok to let the little things go. I still have a few OCD things that I’m trying to be better about…we’ll just say its in the works. haha

I guess this was kind of a random list but like the title says, its just stuff I want to remember. I hope you get a little something out of it. And now for some words to my love on this Valentines day.

Ive said it before and ill say it again. I never knew I could be this happy. Jake, I’m so grateful that you have shown me what true love is. With the incredible highs that being in love with you brings, theres also the low points that sometimes seem impossible. You will always be worth it to me. I love that we are working everyday towards the life we’ve always dreamed of. It has been slow but we’ve done it together. We didn’t give up. And we are just getting started. I love you so much Jakey!!

And to everyone else……

Happy Valentines day! You are loved!

Thank you to Cori Ann Photography for these lovely photos!



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