Pregnancy Food Journal

Baby girl is kicking me as I type this which is reminding me that I’m hungry and I really want Pops cereal buuuut we are out! So now I’m just staring at this picture of the most beautiful cereal I’ve ever seen and its the worst! hahaha

Anyways I’ve been eating mostly all the same things for every meal every day just because thats what sounds good in the moment. Or all the moments…. Actually meat has pretty much grossed me out for this whole pregnancy besides for having lunch meat on a sandwich or an In n Out cheeseburger…. So I don’t really know what you call that. haha 🙂 Whatever, lets just get started..


You can pretty much count me in for some helping of peanut butter every morning whether its a PBJ on wheat or toast with peanut butter + milk. If its not that then I make a smoothie and that peanut butter toast will soon follow within 30 minutes of consuming the smoothie.

And heres the recipe for my favorite healthy smoothie: 4-6 oz of OJ + 6 or 7 spoonfuls of frozen mixed berries + about a cup of Greek Gods Honey Vanilla Yogurt (THEE BEST) Blend until smooth! I basically eyeball everything. I like mine kind of thick so you can add more juice or less yogurt depending on what you like. You get the picture…Its super yummy!


For lunch and dinner its been either:

1. PBJ on wheat + Milk (If I didn’t have it for breakfast)

2. Macaroni and cheese + peas (I’ve been told this is a weird combo but I’ve eaten it all my life)

3. Vegetable fried rice + teriyaki sauce (Jake has been making big batches of this for me 🙂 )


My go to snacks are usually string cheese, cereal, cheese its, peas, broccoli, or fruit – apples, mandarins, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and blood oranges. And I have not been able to get enough milk!

Well thats it! I always love reading food journals so I thought id write my own. I think it will be interesting during future pregnancies to read and compare.

Have a nice week!