Summer Bucket List

Well we are well into summer and its been one of the hottest summers of my life! 🙂 I put together a summer bucket list because I love making lists and I was bored and why not?! So here it is….

Go Camping – We already went camping for fathers day but we have so many lakes around us that I’ve never been to and would love to explore.

Pool Days – Duh!  We have an old horse trough hooked up to a hose and filter. It might be a little redneck BUT it is awesome! (And it can’t pop) Win!

Pina Coladas – I have been searching pinterest for weeks for the best recipe. I thought I found one but it was probably the grossest thing I have ever made. haha #pinterstfail Anyways, I’m not giving up.

Lots of Ice-cream Our small town has an amazing ice-cream shop called Treats. Im obsessed. The lemon custard flavor is HEAVEN.

Go to a Baseball Game – Oddly enough I love baseball games even though I barely know anything about sports. lol

Read a Book – If anyone has any suggestions for great books leave them in the comments below, id love to hear them. My favorites stories to read are adventure or futuristic but any and all recommendations are appreciated!

Plan our next Trip – Jake and I have had so many people telling us to go on a cruise because its so relaxing to not have to think about anything and just have everything taken care of for you. So we are looking into it and I would be so so excited to go on one but my heart always pulls me towards the next grand adventure. The flying, driving, hiking, exploring, etc. We will see what happens 🙂

Top Golf – We have never been and I just became aware that you can order food while you golf so its definitely something we have to try!

Farmers Market – Fresh fruit and flowers? Who doesn’t love a good farmers market?

Road Trip – Road trips are kind of our jam. And I feel like its been a while, so we are due for a good road trip.

*Photos by my talented friend Molly Berliner Photography

What do you have planned for summer? 🙂