Unpublished photos + 7 things




One. These are from a while ago and I can’t believe I forgot to share them! This was our first time shooting with Justin and Lauren and they did a wonderful job! You can check out their website here!

Two. Essential oils are my favorite thing ever. They have literally changed my life. The best thing is all the chemicals that I’m no longer putting on or in my body. Stressed? Theres an oil for that! Head tension? Theres an oil for that! Muscle ache? Theres an oil for that too! They are amazing! I feel so much better knowing these oils are 100% safe for baby girl as well!

Three. I think I’m going to go make blueberry muffins, they just sound so yummy!

Four. Im so excited to put together Penny’s room. I need to get going on all the crafting that I want to do. Thanks to Pinterest I think I’m set on a pink dresser 🙂 If you want to see cute baby stuff you can follow me on there.

Five. My Stitch Fix box arrives on Monday. Yay! Im hoping theres a cute dress I can wear for my baby shower. If I remember ill do a little try on session of everything in the box!

Six. Jake and I received our stroller and carseat yesterday and they are beautiful! Jake was amazing and put it all together in about four minutes and we are so excited! When he pulled the carseat out of the box we kind of just looked at each other with this look like “theres going to be a tiny baby in there soon” its unbelievable. And we still don’t know who sent it! So if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Seven. Apparently HBO now has all the Harry Potter movies! So incase you wonder where I am…Im having a marathon 🙂

With love,


Reno Runaway

Recently Jake and I ran away to Reno for a couple nights. With all the stress of the wedding starting to weigh heavy we thought it would be best to get away for a few nights. And we picked up some wedding supplies so it was also productive! (thumbs up)

We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort and had a great time. Although we did leave to eat at Ichiban (my favorite restaurant in Reno)  you never have to leave this hotel. It has everything you need, including a pool, bowling ally, shopping, arcade, mini golf, restaurants, and even a movie theatre! While Jake enjoyed the slot machines I found a super cute store located downstairs at the GSR called 2bella. I found this hat (pictured bellow) that I fell in love with instantly. It is literally my new favorite accessory and it is so perfect for fall, which is right around the corner! Eeek!

With love,

Lindsay xo


I thought this painted electrical box was theee coolest 🙂DSC_0484DSC_0494

Hat: 2bella // Shirt: Target // Shorts: American Eagle (similar) // Boots: Lauren Conrad

Special thanks to my Fiancé for learning to be a photographer just for me! You’re the best! xoxoxoxo