Things I want to remember: Just us two


Our time as just Jake and Lindsay is coming to a close in just a few short months. As excited as I am to become family of three, I cant help but realize that everything is about to change. For the better of course, but nonetheless things will never be as they were when It was just us. So before our world completely changes, here are some things that I want to remember. Things that I love, things we are still (and will probably always be) working on, and things that I learned about marriage, love, and life with just us two:

  • Marriage can be freaking hard, but worth it. Always worth it. It can also be so easy and amazing. We have come such a long way and overcome obstacles that often times, destroy marriages. I think it all depends on your outlook. And boy have we had to readjust our out look on life, many many times.
  • Respect. From simple things like waiting to watch “our shows” together to checking in with each other before making any plans or commitments.
  • Being the best of friends. Always having each others backs, being their #1 fan and laughing together.
  • Forgiveness. For a long while there were things in our past that I just couldn’t shake. I couldn’t move past them and it just felt like we were going in circles. And so I learned its ultimately more painful to hold onto those things so tightly. Its a risk to forgive but its also the only way to be free.
  • Going on spur of the moment road trips. Disneyland, Fort brag, etc. I love being spontaneous with him.
  • Arguing productively. We have consistently worked on this and I love that instead of days, our arguments are over within minutes. Im really proud of us on this one.
  • Dancing and singing in the car 🙂
  • Its ok to let the little things go. I still have a few OCD things that I’m trying to be better about…we’ll just say its in the works. haha

I guess this was kind of a random list but like the title says, its just stuff I want to remember. I hope you get a little something out of it. And now for some words to my love on this Valentines day.

Ive said it before and ill say it again. I never knew I could be this happy. Jake, I’m so grateful that you have shown me what true love is. With the incredible highs that being in love with you brings, theres also the low points that sometimes seem impossible. You will always be worth it to me. I love that we are working everyday towards the life we’ve always dreamed of. It has been slow but we’ve done it together. We didn’t give up. And we are just getting started. I love you so much Jakey!!

And to everyone else……

Happy Valentines day! You are loved!

Thank you to Cori Ann Photography for these lovely photos!



Unpublished photos + 7 things




One. These are from a while ago and I can’t believe I forgot to share them! This was our first time shooting with Justin and Lauren and they did a wonderful job! You can check out their website here!

Two. Essential oils are my favorite thing ever. They have literally changed my life. The best thing is all the chemicals that I’m no longer putting on or in my body. Stressed? Theres an oil for that! Head tension? Theres an oil for that! Muscle ache? Theres an oil for that too! They are amazing! I feel so much better knowing these oils are 100% safe for baby girl as well!

Three. I think I’m going to go make blueberry muffins, they just sound so yummy!

Four. Im so excited to put together Penny’s room. I need to get going on all the crafting that I want to do. Thanks to Pinterest I think I’m set on a pink dresser 🙂 If you want to see cute baby stuff you can follow me on there.

Five. My Stitch Fix box arrives on Monday. Yay! Im hoping theres a cute dress I can wear for my baby shower. If I remember ill do a little try on session of everything in the box!

Six. Jake and I received our stroller and carseat yesterday and they are beautiful! Jake was amazing and put it all together in about four minutes and we are so excited! When he pulled the carseat out of the box we kind of just looked at each other with this look like “theres going to be a tiny baby in there soon” its unbelievable. And we still don’t know who sent it! So if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

Seven. Apparently HBO now has all the Harry Potter movies! So incase you wonder where I am…Im having a marathon 🙂

With love,


Friday Four // Valentines Edition

Hello friends and happy weekend! Its another rainy day here so Jake and I are headed to Costco yahoo!! Today I wanted to share some highlights from this past week and theres some pretty exciting news at the end so keep reading 😉

One. School Together. Jake and I go to school in Rocklin on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I love it! The car rides down and back, Jake waiting outside my class for me to be done and having lunch together, whether its trying a new place or just eating packed lunches in our car together…these are some of my favorite times 🙂

Two. Paw Print Project. My baby girl Daizy is getting pretty old. Its hard for her to make it up and down stairs now, and both of my dogs are almost completely blind. Its saddening but it doesn’t seem to keep them down. They are both still their same sweet and happy selves and still just as obsessed with hotdogs 🙂 So my mom and I decided to do this paw print project with them that we have been saying we wanted to do for years. It was such a perfect sunny day and both Daizy and Rex were such good sports about it. I’m so happy and relieved to have this cute memory to hang on my wall 🙂

Three. Jaedyn and Quinci turn 2! These little love bugs turned two whole years old on Valentines day! My sister in law threw the cutest little party and it was fun to watch them decorate cupcakes and open presents that they wanted almost nothing to do with haha Love those twinners so much!

(eating Sees candy like my Nana//One bite out of each) The best way 😉

Four. Valentines Day 2017! Our Valentines day this year was mostly uneventful as it was a Tuesday and we are driving/on campus from 10am – 10 pm. But Jake did buy me this beautiful suitcase because we are going to….. HAWAII!!! Can you tell I’m excited?!?! Jake keeps cracking up because I walk around the house singing “Oh were going to the hukilau” all day long! (Its a hawaiian song… look it up on youtube)haha

So yeah, thats all I have for you today. Have a beautiful weekend!!

With love Lindsay


Cupids Candy Cottages

Here’s a cute Valentines day activity you can do with family, friends, kids, anyone really! Everything was really easy besides for the construction of the houses (you might have to make them for the kids, I’ve heard that you can hot glue the graham crackers together to make them more sturdy for kids to decorate). All you need are chocolate graham crackers, frosting (pink, white, or red), and any valentines candy. We had a lot of fun decorating our little Valentines village of “cupids candy cottages” or “love shacks” (whatever you want to call them) and eating lots of candy of course. I love anything that I can be creative with so I may make another one with all our leftover supplies!

Aren’t these little marshmallow hearts so cute?!

My Dad even liked it 🙂

“Glamour shot” of Jakes house. I love his chimeny 🙂

 “Glamour shot” of Dads house. That roof detail 🙂

Let me know if you have any cute and fun activities or date ideas for Valentines day! Happy love day!!



Empire state of Mine


Sweater // Boots // Lipstick

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you” I saw this quote a few months back and for some reason its stuck with me. Maybe because of current events that were happening and how repetitive they felt. But it made me want to actively try to be more optimistic and happy. For a while I’ve been trying not too expect much, not to get too excited about any one thing incase it didn’t happen because then I wouldn’t be so disappointed. Thats no way to live. So Im changing my state of mind.

Anyways these pics are from when we went to Empire Mine a few weeks ago before all the snow fell. This sweater from Urban Outfitters is my new favorite because of the turtleneck. I love it! my neck is always cold and I don’t always like scarves because I feel like they are strangling me haha. So this sweater is perfect. And these boots are the absolute comfiest things, I could wear them everyday.

Happy hump day!

with love,