August favorites

This month Jake and I discovered Trader Joes. And by discover I mean we have obviously heard of it before and I think I have even been in one once, but this time we actually shopped there and bought one of almost everything. So far it has not disappointed. My favorites are the Gnocchi(gorgonzola and the sorrentina are both delicious), the chicken potstickers, the raspberry and cream popsicles, “Inner Peas” and their blood orange soda. The Gnocchi is my new favorite food and favorite go to meal because its so quick. I just add frozen peas during the last 2 minutes of heating (you know to balance out the meal) and its pretty much the yummiest mac and cheese ever!

We also bought a PS4 because hello CRASH BANDICOOT! Basically the best game ever was remastered and is the original 3 games all on one disc. Its awesome.

As for what I’m watching…obviously Game of Thrones because I’m always watching or re-watching that show. Just finished the season 3 finale again and loving it because I feel like thats the season when things really start to pick up. The other show that I was pleasantly surprised by was Ozark which is on Netflix. It is so so good!

I started listening to audio books in the car, since we commute for school. Ive been listening to “The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck” and I really like it so far.

I’m reading Game of Thrones to fill the void until the next season comes out. Its a whole new experience, reading compared to watching.

Last is this rose gold necklace from Made by Mary. Its my favorite necklace ever! Super cute and you can have them personalized to make them extra special 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend!



Apple Orchards









This was our first time to Apple Hill and man was it hot! We looked up the weather that morning and it said it would be in the 60s. Yay, fall weather! So we thought we dressed accordingly. Pants, long sleeves, etc. Well when we got there (after 2 hours of traffic!) it was 84 degrees… We took our jackets off but we were still roasting!

We stopped at Rainbow Orchard and got their hot apple cider donuts. SO YUMMY! And this cute mini gallon of apple cider. It was a good date day. The only thing is, next time we go to an apple orchard we need to remember to get some apples… haha 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


Target Style










Love the Yuba!


and I love this man!

Dress – similar here and here // Sunglasses // Sandals

Hi guys! Happy Friday and happy Earth day! Today I thought I would share this dress and sunglasses that I recently got from Target. Why is this store SO addicting? Even my sandals are from there and they were all $20 or less! That is my favorite thing about Target, besides their dollar spot which is the best place to convince me that yes, I do in fact NEED a bubble wand, a clip board, mini chalk boards, some jars, a roll of burlap ribbon, birthday banners, notebooks, and MORE holiday decor.

This dress is super soft and comfy and the easiest thing to throw on, so I just love it! For some reason I couldn’t find the link for it even though I only bought it a couple weeks ago, so I’ve linked similar ones. These sandals are the BEST. This pair I actually bought last year, and I have them in black, but I want them in the nude color that I linked above, as well as these! So cute! The sunglasses I thought were just so pretty and are a different style than any that I own so I went for it 🙂 Thinking about buying these but I don’t know if they look good on my face….we will see.

Thanks for reading!