Juice it Up

Top // Cardigan (Old) // Jeans // Boots (On Sale!)

These pics are from one morning at our new favorite breakfast spot! Its called Juice it Up and we’ve been stopping there before school to get their delicious smoothie bowls. They also have raw juices and regular smoothies but my favorite is the “Melon Madness” and I get it with mango instead of banana and top it with granola, strawberries, and honey! You guys! It tastes just like a pink starburst! So good!

Its been sunny for a few days now and I’m ready for spring to get here! But I’m prepared to enjoy the cold a little longer because the count down is on! We fly to Boston in 7 days!!! We will be visiting my sister in law and her family and we can hardly wait for all the fun we are going to have 🙂

Hope you have a lovely rest of your week!



Walks to Town


Jake and I have been walking to town once or twice a week and its been so nice. I like the fresh air and how it slows the day down. Plus I count it as exercise because there are a few hills 🙂 We like to go to the library, book store, and to get lunch occasionally. Recently we tried Christopher’s deli and its a place that I think tends to be overlooked but it was really good. I thought the mac and cheese was excellent!

I have been wearing this cardigan non stop lately because its super warm and soft. The other day Jake called it my hobo coat lol because I guess he thinks it looks like something a bum would wear. Any ways I proceeded to tell him that I actually get tons of compliments on it and literally right after that we walked into a store and someone complimented me and asked where I got it. 🙂 I guess maybe it was funnier if you were there.

Hope you are having a great weekend! I will be making a packing list for our upcoming trip! We are so so SO excited!!


Current Makeup Favorites


Growing up I was never interested in make up. Unless you count Lip Smackers (remember those?) because I always had about 172 different flavors of that stuff 🙂 but seriously, besides for wearing mascara to school dances I never wore ANY make up. But over the last 2 years I’ve come to really enjoy discovering and trying new brands and products. So today I’m sharing with you my current makeup favorites that I’ve really been loving!

POREfessional – Hands down my absolute favorite make up product ever. It’s the first thing I put on because it does an excellent job of smoothing out your face so your foundation doesn’t sink into your pores. ps. It smells divine!

Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation – This foundation is great for if you are wanting a lighter and brighter coverage. It has SPF 25 and I love that it doesn’t take away from my natural look. (I also have this foundation for days that I want a fuller coverage and its great as well) And I use this Brush to apply my foundation and it works super well!

Tarte Pro Glow Palette – My most recent purchase that I fell in love with after one use. The whole thing is awesome and It includes my favorite highlighter to date called “Burst” Its the best!

The last two are awesome because you can get them at Target and they are this mascara and this blush! I don’t wear blush all the time but I wanted to include this one because its so pretty. And thats all I wear when I do decide to do my make up which is pretty much Tuesdays and Thursdays because those are the days I go to school haha 🙂









Empire state of Mine


Sweater // Boots // Lipstick

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you” I saw this quote a few months back and for some reason its stuck with me. Maybe because of current events that were happening and how repetitive they felt. But it made me want to actively try to be more optimistic and happy. For a while I’ve been trying not too expect much, not to get too excited about any one thing incase it didn’t happen because then I wouldn’t be so disappointed. Thats no way to live. So Im changing my state of mind.

Anyways these pics are from when we went to Empire Mine a few weeks ago before all the snow fell. This sweater from Urban Outfitters is my new favorite because of the turtleneck. I love it! my neck is always cold and I don’t always like scarves because I feel like they are strangling me haha. So this sweater is perfect. And these boots are the absolute comfiest things, I could wear them everyday.

Happy hump day!

with love,


Merry Christmas Week! + Gift Guide

It’s Christmas week you guys! I don’t know how it came so fast?! We just put our tree up last night and I’m in love! We didn’t think we were going to get a tree this year since we are moving January 1st. and didn’t want the hassle but then we changed our minds and decided its definitely worth it! AND Jakes parents were kind enough to cut one down for us so hip hip hooray! Jake and I are still finishing up our shopping and I know it stresses a lot of people out to shop so close to the holiday but I secretly love it!

   My Mom came over and we baked 12 dozen cookies for friends and family. Including cake batter cookies, sugar cookies, russian tea cakes, and white chocolate chip, and we only burned one batch haha WIN!

    Jake got to play Santa this year and it was awesome! He was amazing at it! The preschool I sub at asked if he would do it and although he was nervous, once he got into the suit he totally got into character and the kids were completely convinced. I loved watching it all play out and being his “reindeer” helper 🙂

   I had every intention of creating this awesome “gift guide for the whole family” this year but here we are 5 days away from Christmas and I haven’t done it, so here’s my Mini Gift Guide 🙂

FOR HER (aka my wish list)

These Nikes // This Sweater // Victorias Secret Christmas PJs // These Boots (insert heart eyes) // BareMinerals Powder Trio

FOR HIM (aka Jakes list)

Echo Dot // Fitbit // Wireless Headphones // Impact Nailer // Straight Razor

FOR THE KIDDOS (Things for all my nieces and nephews)

Play- Doh Touch // Moana Collection // Minion Operation // Olaf’s Night Before Christmas Book 

Happy shopping!