Snow day + 2017 resolutions!

It snowed last week, and it STUCK! I love the snow! It was so magical and exciting to see it covering our new back deck 🙂

Ok now I’m talking 2017 Goals! This is more for me to refer back to and keep my self accountable than it is for you, but I know that I personally like to read other bloggers new years resolutions so maybe some of you will find this interesting or helpful or spark some ideas for your own list of goals or resolutions. (sorry for the run on sentence…) Ready Go!

  1. Be more consistent on blog posts. I was terrible about this last year but this year you can count on at LEAST once a week. Im shooting for every Wednesday and/or Friday. (Starting now, because I’m posting this on a Saturday haha!) There might be a bonus one here & there!
  2. Start painting again. I used to paint a lot, just for fun. Its relaxing and calming and I need some more of that in my life sometimes.
  3. Get rid of “Stuff”. I really want to move closer to a more minimal lifestyle. I don’t think I will ever actually be a minimalist because it kind of freaks me out, but you know just close to it will be fine for me. lol
  4. Do more acts of service. Whether its for Jake, family members, or a stranger, I’d like to start doing more thoughtful intensional things for people.
  5. Get our house put together. Im really excited to pick out decor for each room & do some “Room Tour” posts. And try to branch out from gray and white…but just a little.
  6. Work out 3x a week. Yes the most basic and over used resolution of all time. But would this really be a New year goal list with out it?!
  7. Start a family. Not that the effort hasn’t already been put in for a lot longer than we ever expected and I’m not going to get too far into it, but I want to really focus on this. Prayers, doctor visits, etc. Send all the baby vibes please!



2 thoughts on “Snow day + 2017 resolutions!

  1. Super cute blog! I a new blogger and having so much fun explore other bloggers style, stories and inspiration.
    It looks like you will have quite the project in 2017 with your new house! Looking forward to watching the transformation. Oh – and I LOVE the painted fireplace!

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