Road Trip Conversations


Hi guys! By the time you are reading this we will be on a plane to Hawaii! Jake has never been so i’m excited to show him my favorite beach and explore some new places too.

Here are some photos from San Francisco last week. I had an appointment in the city so we made a little road trip out of it and saw the bridge and got yummy snacks. But my favorite part was actually just talking in the car on the way there and back and singing songs together 🙂

We were talking about high school memories and how different our experiences were, embarrassing stories, etc. and I just realized how different we both are now and how thankful I am that we met when we did. haha Even looking back on how we have changed in just the past 5 years since we met is crazy to me. Our dreams and goals have taken a complete turn and its exciting! I guess what I’m getting at is it’s really important to be with some one who you can change and grow and learn with and keep moving forward despite all the negative, and I’m grateful that I have someone to do that with even though we are both so dang stubborn sometimes lol

Thats all for now 🙂 Thanks for reading and if you want to see beautiful beach pictures and read about our adventures on Oahu make sure to subscribe and follow along on Instagram! Also I’m completely hooked on insta stories now that they have filters (adios snapchat) so you can catch me in real time on there 🙂



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