Baby Smith!


Jake and I are so extremely excited to announce that Baby Smith is finally on its way! We cannot wait to be parents and meet him or her in May! Its all I can think about everyday, and what I’m going to eat next. lol

I had a feeling I was pregnant the week before I tested because I had weird intense cramping that i’d never had before and I kept googling it and every website said it was implantation cramping. So I waited a few more days and then tested and sure enough! Jake was still asleep so I decided to try and plan some cute way to tell him. Well after a few hours of not really being able to come up with anything and getting way too impatiant I pulled up a picture of a shirt that said “Be nice to me, my wife is pregnant” and I showed it to him and asked if he wanted me to order it for him. This is how that went….

Jake – “Yeah but when you are pregnant”

Me – “Ok so should I order it now then?”

Jake – “No! When you are pregnant…”

Me – …..”Ok I guess I should order it then….”

Jake- “NO!! Wait till you are pregnant…….Wait……are you pregnant?!”

Ding ding ding! Cue all the happy tears, etc. 🙂 Love him and this little baby 🙂



August favorites

This month Jake and I discovered Trader Joes. And by discover I mean we have obviously heard of it before and I think I have even been in one once, but this time we actually shopped there and bought one of almost everything. So far it has not disappointed. My favorites are the Gnocchi(gorgonzola and the sorrentina are both delicious), the chicken potstickers, the raspberry and cream popsicles, “Inner Peas” and their blood orange soda. The Gnocchi is my new favorite food and favorite go to meal because its so quick. I just add frozen peas during the last 2 minutes of heating (you know to balance out the meal) and its pretty much the yummiest mac and cheese ever!

We also bought a PS4 because hello CRASH BANDICOOT! Basically the best game ever was remastered and is the original 3 games all on one disc. Its awesome.

As for what I’m watching…obviously Game of Thrones because I’m always watching or re-watching that show. Just finished the season 3 finale again and loving it because I feel like thats the season when things really start to pick up. The other show that I was pleasantly surprised by was Ozark which is on Netflix. It is so so good!

I started listening to audio books in the car, since we commute for school. Ive been listening to “The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck” and I really like it so far.

I’m reading Game of Thrones to fill the void until the next season comes out. Its a whole new experience, reading compared to watching.

Last is this rose gold necklace from Made by Mary. Its my favorite necklace ever! Super cute and you can have them personalized to make them extra special 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend!



Boho dress + 7 things


I recently ordered some stuff from ASOS and I am so happy with it all! This boho style dress is the cutest! I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing it a lot this summer. Also, they are having a sale on all their dresses right now! This one and this one are in my cart already 🙂

Ps. My lip color is Lipsense in the shade “Luv it” and my sandals are old from Urban Outfitters. And heres 7 things because I love reading these types of posts so I thought i’d start my own 🙂

1. Game of Thrones premieres in 5 days and I can. not. wait! Just in time too because all my shows have ended or are about to end including the latest season of Criminal Minds which I’m watching right now.

2. The other day Jake and I filmed a mini video “Husband picks out my outfit” on my insta stories and it was really fun so I want to start doing more fun random things like that.

3. I’ve been wanting to just throw all my clothes away lately and start over completely new, but then I start going through my clothes and I’m like “well I have to keep that” and “Oh thats still cute” haha So I won’t end up doing that but I’m about to get rid of a ton of stuff that I still have from high school!

4. About to order our passports for our anniversary trip this fall and I am so so so excited 🙂

5. I tried dragon fruit in Hawaii and then again yesterday and I kind of like it. It sort of tastes like a really bland kiwi…but I like the texture.

6. The day Jake and I took these pictures it was 112 degrees and I felt like I was melting but it was really fun to drive around looking for cool places and backgrounds. I mapped a bunch of walls and stuff to come back to later so you will see some of them in upcoming posts.

7. I’m filming a haul on my insta stories either Friday or Saturday so check that out if you want or if you’re bored 🙂 I ordered some awesome stuff and it all arrived today!!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

with love,


Summer Bucket List

Well we are well into summer and its been one of the hottest summers of my life! 🙂 I put together a summer bucket list because I love making lists and I was bored and why not?! So here it is….

Go Camping – We already went camping for fathers day but we have so many lakes around us that I’ve never been to and would love to explore.

Pool Days – Duh!  We have an old horse trough hooked up to a hose and filter. It might be a little redneck BUT it is awesome! (And it can’t pop) Win!

Pina Coladas – I have been searching pinterest for weeks for the best recipe. I thought I found one but it was probably the grossest thing I have ever made. haha #pinterstfail Anyways, I’m not giving up.

Lots of Ice-cream Our small town has an amazing ice-cream shop called Treats. Im obsessed. The lemon custard flavor is HEAVEN.

Go to a Baseball Game – Oddly enough I love baseball games even though I barely know anything about sports. lol

Read a Book – If anyone has any suggestions for great books leave them in the comments below, id love to hear them. My favorites stories to read are adventure or futuristic but any and all recommendations are appreciated!

Plan our next Trip – Jake and I have had so many people telling us to go on a cruise because its so relaxing to not have to think about anything and just have everything taken care of for you. So we are looking into it and I would be so so excited to go on one but my heart always pulls me towards the next grand adventure. The flying, driving, hiking, exploring, etc. We will see what happens 🙂

Top Golf – We have never been and I just became aware that you can order food while you golf so its definitely something we have to try!

Farmers Market – Fresh fruit and flowers? Who doesn’t love a good farmers market?

Road Trip – Road trips are kind of our jam. And I feel like its been a while, so we are due for a good road trip.

*Photos by my talented friend Molly Berliner Photography

What do you have planned for summer? 🙂

A Summer Weekend

This girl cracks me up!

Love this mellow little boy^^^

And this wild little boy ^^^ 🙂

Happy Monday everyone! Our weekend was full of fun! It started with my Aunt and Uncle and their 4 sweet kids coming to town so we kicked off the weekend with a pool party and a BBQ!

Second, My niece turned 4! What?!?!  She had so much fun on her slip n slide. seeing her light up when she opened her presents and blew out her candles was the best! Love her so much. Happy Birthday Paisley Rae 🙂

My sister and baby Oaks came to town too! Well I guess I shouldn’t say baby because he’s walking! Everything needs to slow down! All my babies are getting big too freaking fast! So glad they are here though and excited to hang out!

Sunday was full of more swimming and hanging out by the pool, a yummy dinner, baking chocolate chip cookies and then a movie. For a while all the kiddos snuggled up on Jake and it was kinda the cutest ever.  A perfect Sunday night 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful week!