Short but sweet

Mine and Jakes all time favorite thing to do together is go on spur of the moment trips!  No planning, no booking in advanced, we will literally just be brushing our teeth or doing the dishes and the other one is like “hey lets go somewhere” and then we just leave. Okay, we throw some clothes in a duffel, and maybe a toothbrush and phone charger too, but basically its that random. Our most recent adventure was 2 days ago. We went to south lake Tahoe and it was a blast! We were running errands in Roseville when we decided to go so we literally had nothing on us this time besides our wallets and phones (this was the most unprepared we’ve ever been.) Since we had no clothes we stopped at TJ Maxx and I’m so glad we did because they had everything we needed including a phone charger! (I love taking pictures and I would have been so sad if I couldn’t take any) I also found the cutest and comfiest dress ever for only $12 and I got it in two colors because I couldn’t pass up the deal. I couldn’t find the exact one on their website but here is a v neck style. We stayed at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and it was so nice! The beds were so soft it felt like we were sleeping on a cloud and the inside of the hotel has trees and ponds with koi fish, so it felt kind of exotic! We ate at The Naked Fish for dinner and we definitely recommend it. Some of you may not know that I do not like sushi, at all. But Jake absolutely loves it so we go to a lot of sushi restaurants. I have to say that the Golden Calamari was delicious and Jake can’t stop talking about how good the Pepperfin was! We actually tried to go back the next day but it wasn’t open till 4pm, so we ended up driving over to The Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort and eating at their Bear Moon bar and grill! (I stayed here for my Bachelorette party, so I knew the food was good) I wish we could have gone in the water but it was so great to just get away with my love even if it was for just one night. So here are some pics (wish I would have gotten more :/ ) from our short but sweet spontaneous trip to south lake Tahoe! Thanks for reading!

with love,

Lindsay xo


IMG_4166 Those elevators were so fun to ride ^^^IMG_4169

This is the dress from TJ Maxx in maroon, wish I would have got a pic of the whole thing :/



IMG_4183Peach Cobbler=Heaven

Oh happy day!

Hello world 🙂 something you may not know is that I am engaged!!! My boyfriend proposed on 11/11/14 after two and a half years of dating. It was the absolute best day ever and it was the perfect proposal (even though he tried to propose a few times that week and apparently I ruined all those attempts, whoops!) I can not wait to marry my best friend on October 3, 2015! Incase you didn’t know… thats in TWO MONTHS! So I plan on blogging about all the planning which I am definitly enjoying 🙂

Here are some pics from our engagement shoot, done by the wonderfully talented Frizzstudio!

With love,


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