Friday Four

One. Digital Design & Drawing

School is going really good. Digital design is a little more fun than drawing but my teachers are great so that really makes all the difference. We recently had to do a people and cultures project and after choosing and researching Switzerland, I want to go there so badly. It looks beautiful.


Two. Camper Update

Slowly but surely our camper (or gypsy wagon, as my Nana calls it 🙂 ) is coming along! The old yucky fiber glass insulation is out and the new foam insulation has been installed. Next we’re putting new siding in it and I’m finishing up the new cushion covers!



Three. The Happy News

This Happy Newspaper is just amazing. The layouts, and pictures, and everything is so cute, its exactly what everyone should read to start their morning. Im not joking you will instantly be happier when you read it, so go order it here and be HAPPY! 🙂

Four. Fridays

I love having my fridays off. Just today I cleaned my entire house! Im talking dishes are done, counters are clean, window sills are dusted, floors have been swept AND mopped, & bedding is being washed. Mind you my house is not very big, but I’m still proud. Now I am catching up on The Voice and Greys Anatomy. Woo hoo! Fall TV is so good right?!


Have a wonderful weekend!



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