Cupids Candy Cottages

Here’s a cute Valentines day activity you can do with family, friends, kids, anyone really! Everything was really easy besides for the construction of the houses (you might have to make them for the kids, I’ve heard that you can hot glue the graham crackers together to make them more sturdy for kids to decorate). All you need are chocolate graham crackers, frosting (pink, white, or red), and any valentines candy. We had a lot of fun decorating our little Valentines village of “cupids candy cottages” or “love shacks” (whatever you want to call them) and eating lots of candy of course. I love anything that I can be creative with so I may make another one with all our leftover supplies!

Aren’t these little marshmallow hearts so cute?!

My Dad even liked it 🙂

“Glamour shot” of Jakes house. I love his chimeny 🙂

 “Glamour shot” of Dads house. That roof detail 🙂

Let me know if you have any cute and fun activities or date ideas for Valentines day! Happy love day!!



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