County Fair

I only attended the Nevada County Fair one day this year(I normally go at least 3 days), but it was still super fun! In the morning I went for a couple hours with my future family (Jake’s Mom, sisters, and cousins) and I got to see my niece Paisley go on rides for the first time! She just turned 2 and it was such a joy seeing her have so much fun!

Jake and I went back that night to see the rodeo, but we left early because one of the bulls got hurt and we just didn’t want to see anymore. We also went and ate a bunch of food, got spray on tattoos, and took Photo Booth pictures! It was a really fun day and I can’t wait till next year 🙂

With Love

Lindsay xo

IMG_4333 IMG_4325IMG_4321IMG_4339IMG_4359IMG_4434IMG_4343

I don’t know why our eyes are open, I think we were really excited to get a picture of our tattoos haha!



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