Dress // Glasses // Sandals

I’m free! Spring semester is over! Hallelujah!

A few things….

  1. You’re looking at a 4.0 student. (Had to brag for a second because I don’t think that has happened since the 6th grade) lol
  2. In case you havn’t watch my insta stories, i’m a coffee person now…well maybe I’m just a ‘Dutch Bros Iced Kicker” person. (It’s so yummy) But anyways at 25 I finally like coffee. AND mustard! What is happening to me? I heard your taste buds change every 7 years…?
  3. This dress has pockets. Do I need to say more? Its so comfy and the buttons down the front and detail on the sides. Super cute!
  4. I’m trying to work on making more videos and just filming in general. I have a few videos planned out and are coming to my youtube channel this summer, but if you have any suggestions for things you would like to see leave a comment below 🙂

Have a lovely day!



Red Plaid

Walking through the city of Boston was so fun but so cold! Im so glad I had mittens, boots, and this coat! Unfortunately it is sold out but I will link a similar one here. We stopped at the Boston museum of science and spent a few hours there. We filmed a lot while we were there so I’m hoping to make a vlog soon! I think this was Jakes favorite part because it was so interactive. He got to hold a brain! Kind of gross but kind of cool, I can’t decide.

We had the best food this day too! We went to a restaurant called Al Dente. I got the chicken soup with homemade tortellini and it was delicious. I also had the best slice of cheese pizza I’ve ever eaten, from the train station of all places! It was perfect and I’m wishing I had a large all to myself at this very moment!

with love,


Winter Striped Peplum

Shirt // Leggings // Boots

While we were in Massachusetts we stopped at this cute little dairy farm called Richardson’s and saw baby cows 🙂 They raise all their own cows and make the ice cream right there. My strawberry cheese cake ice cream was literally so good even though it was freezing outside already!

In the winter I pretty much can only be caught wearing black leggings or some sort of yoga pants. I just want to be comfy and warm! BUT I also want to look cute so I like to pair cute tops and boots with my leggings 🙂 I love peplum tops because they just have that extra something thats a little more fancy than regular T’s. And these boots I fell in love with as soon as I tried them on at Nordstrom Rack which has been my jam lately. In store I thought they looked dark green but outside in the sunlight they look a little more brownish green. Basically I think they are a good neutral color that will go with anything so I’m stoked about them!

With love,



Juice it Up

Top // Cardigan (Old) // Jeans // Boots (On Sale!)

These pics are from one morning at our new favorite breakfast spot! Its called Juice it Up and we’ve been stopping there before school to get their delicious smoothie bowls. They also have raw juices and regular smoothies but my favorite is the “Melon Madness” and I get it with mango instead of banana and top it with granola, strawberries, and honey! You guys! It tastes just like a pink starburst! So good!

Its been sunny for a few days now and I’m ready for spring to get here! But I’m prepared to enjoy the cold a little longer because the count down is on! We fly to Boston in 7 days!!! We will be visiting my sister in law and her family and we can hardly wait for all the fun we are going to have 🙂

Hope you have a lovely rest of your week!



Empire state of Mine


Sweater // Boots // Lipstick

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you” I saw this quote a few months back and for some reason its stuck with me. Maybe because of current events that were happening and how repetitive they felt. But it made me want to actively try to be more optimistic and happy. For a while I’ve been trying not too expect much, not to get too excited about any one thing incase it didn’t happen because then I wouldn’t be so disappointed. Thats no way to live. So Im changing my state of mind.

Anyways these pics are from when we went to Empire Mine a few weeks ago before all the snow fell. This sweater from Urban Outfitters is my new favorite because of the turtleneck. I love it! my neck is always cold and I don’t always like scarves because I feel like they are strangling me haha. So this sweater is perfect. And these boots are the absolute comfiest things, I could wear them everyday.

Happy hump day!

with love,