Baby Smith!


Jake and I are so extremely excited to announce that Baby Smith is finally on its way! We cannot wait to be parents and meet him or her in May! Its all I can think about everyday, and what I’m going to eat next. lol

I had a feeling I was pregnant the week before I tested because I had weird intense cramping that i’d never had before and I kept googling it and every website said it was implantation cramping. So I waited a few more days and then tested and sure enough! Jake was still asleep so I decided to try and plan some cute way to tell him. Well after a few hours of not really being able to come up with anything and getting way too impatiant I pulled up a picture of a shirt that said “Be nice to me, my wife is pregnant” and I showed it to him and asked if he wanted me to order it for him. This is how that went….

Jake – “Yeah but when you are pregnant”

Me – “Ok so should I order it now then?”

Jake – “No! When you are pregnant…”

Me – …..”Ok I guess I should order it then….”

Jake- “NO!! Wait till you are pregnant…….Wait……are you pregnant?!”

Ding ding ding! Cue all the happy tears, etc. 🙂 Love him and this little baby 🙂



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