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   A while ago Jake and I spent a night in San Fransisco! Jake had to be there for work so he was busy for the day but the evening was such a blast! We stayed at the Grant Plaza Hotel and we could see into China town from our window. That night we walked all of China town, down through the Financial district and then over to Union Square. We thought it would be fun to do a progressive dinner along the way, so we ate appetizers at Ramen Underground and then our main course at Piraat Pizza. The bread sticks were so yummy, they were basically just cheese pizza, but the BEST cheese pizza. And then we ended up being too full for dessert and also tired because I think we finished dinner at about 10 pm and had walked a few miles haha.

   It was only one night but I absolutely loved every minute of it. It reminded me of what it might be like living in New York City, only NYC is so much bigger, and has so much more to see and do, I just think it would be super fun to live there. Definitely not forever but like a year or 2 would be such an experience!

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